Club Day!

Club Day brings together all the current clubs, but also launches two of the newest student clubs: The Woodland Chemical Society and the Poetry Club!

On March 3 from 11:30 am – 1 pm, the ASWCC invited all the student clubs on campus to celebrate Club Day. All the clubs had tables, including our organization, the Eagle’s Call, and the ASWCC. The clubs gave out snacks or sold treats to raise money for their club.

Also announced was the WCC Yoga Collective, a club that is applying for club status at the next ASWCC meeting. If you’re interested in any of the clubs listed here, contact

Clubs in attendance:

The Student Veteran’s Club
The Accounting & Business Club
The Woodland Chemical Society
The LGBTQIA Alliance
The Poetry Club
[Announced] The WCC Yoga Collective (coming soon!)
[Announced] The Eco Club (coming soon!)

Other Organizations:

The Eagle’s Call Newsletter

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