How to Get a State Job Workshop by DGS and EOP&S presented at Woodland Community College

 How To Get a State Job Workshop Presented by DGS and EOP&S at WCC

By Gurtaj Grewal


On September 17th from 12-1 PM, representatives Courtney King and Chelsea Hainline gave a presentation to inform students on how to get a state job. Their presentation covered what careers are available in state jobs and their education requirements, and they provided a step-by-step guide on creating a CalCareers Account. The room was full and vibrant with WCC students from many different backgrounds and ethnicities. 

King and Hainline discussed various careers in the powerpoint presentation ranging from Accountant to Lottery Manager and Associate Architect. The handout King and Hainline provided to all students who attended the workshop had a plethora of additional career options in the state government. However, students can check out more career choices at  

According to King and Hainline, state jobs require specific education based on the position the applicant is looking into applying for. For example, a seasonal clerk and janitorial positions require a high school diploma to be able to be accepted in those jobs; while higher level jobs like Accounting Analyst and Air Resources Engineer require a four year bachelor Degree. Many students seemed surprised: to learn that even high school graduates can get into a state job. 

One of the handouts King and Hainline provided detailed the process of creating a CalCareers Account. First, students will need to create a CalCareers Account at that the “Steps to Creating CalCareers Account” pamphlet shows. The next step would be to search for positions that interest you. King and Hainline advise applicants to read the qualifications and exam bulletins to determine if they are eligible. After this, the exam must be taken at for the vacancy the applicant is interested in. The last step is to apply online through CalCareers or through the mail. 

King and Hainline mentioned that the standard State Application form is ALWAYS required and some agencies can request for documents such as a cover letter or resume. 

 For any questions, applicants can contact or visit openings at Happy Job Hunting everyone!



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