Nightmare on Gibson Event at Woodland Community College

Nightmare on Gibson

Yesterday was the long awaited Halloween Party, Nightmare on Gibson, at Woodland Community College! Many people dressed up to show their spooky sides and true Eagles spirit. People dressed up as many things including cats, gumball machines, sandwiches and even death itself! Free refreshments had been provided as well which kept the crowd that had gathered there content. There was a photo booth where you could take pictures in your stunning costumes and many pictures that were taken showed up on the schools Instagram page, including the group picture taken after the costume contest. 


The costume contest was the main event of the afternoon where every person in costume came up to show off their amazing outfits of the day. Everyone who participated gave it their all, strutting to the stage and giving their best character pose, with some prompting from the audience. The audience went wild when the participants posed, twirled, and strummed on their guitars, giving the audience a good sense that the people in costume truly embodied their characters. However, at the end of the contest, there could only be three winners. To no one’s surprise, the winners were Paulina dressed as a mime in third, Carrie dressed as a gumball machine in second, and Emiliano dressed as Miguel from Coco taking first place! The prizes were gift cards and, of course, lots and lots of candy.



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