Welcome to the official blog of the ASWCC’s news publication, The Eagle’s Call. On this site we will occasionally offer news, updates, or extensions of our content that we could not print because of space on the page or time.

The Eagle’s Call is always accepting submissions from students, staff, faculty, and community members as a way of communicating with Woodland Community College Students. For more information contact ASWCCnewsletter[at sign]gmail.com.

The Eagle’s Call is an entirely student written and published newsletter and is largely sponsored by the Associated Students of WCC. It is published approximately four times a year: February, April, October, and December. There are two special editions each semester.

If you are interested in being a part of the newsletter, we are currently looking for regular contributors, beat reporters, columnists, and opinion-writers. There are no minimum qualifications to write or submit work to The Eagle’s Call, but the editors reserve the right to edit, shorten, or split any submission into smaller pieces for sake of clarity, space on the page, or to make room for other submissions.

Editor in Chief: Alexandria J. Harder

Co-Editors: Sandra Castillo, Gurtaj Grewal, Gustavo Perez 

Editors in Charge of Online Content: Gustavo Perez and Gurtaj Grewal

On-call writers: Gurtaj Grewal & Omar Portillo 

Beat Reporters: Gustavo Perez and Gurtaj Grewal

Photographer: Rogelio Barajas

Marketing/ Advertising: Michael Torres Jr.

Accountant: Dylan Malloy 

Staff Resource: Jolene Torres

Faculty Advisor: Aree Metz

The Eagle’s Call is sponsored and supported by the ASWCC Media Committee.

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