Weekly Poetry by the Poetry Club

                Girl on the Canvas

 5/21/18                                                                                                              Marcos Estrada
One day in art class
We were told to paint
what we wanted out of life
so i thought for a second
and picked up my brush
And then,

I dipped my soft brush into the paint
and traced an outline on the blank page
First, it was an outlline
of all that I was thinking
making sure it was perfect
I stayed within the lines
to make sure the paint
wouldn’t run away
Next, I completed my painting
and added finishing touches
For this masterpiece I added all my brushes.
When I was done, I closed my book
so the next day I’d give it another look
But when I did, I was amazed
At the things I saw
i saw colors dance and move
On each page of my book
All dancing one by one.
The color RED, came from the margin
popping out its head
Too tired from dancing, so she lied on her bed
Then I heard a yell saying hello
I’m so glad I added the color YELLOW
She was bright and happy
with a nice dress and hair that was frizzy
from all of the dancing that made her dizzy
Then came BLUE, wanting to stop the commotion
But she came in like an ocean
and crashed on the shore
But her crash wasn’t a pretty sight
So I got my brush and added some WHITE
But when i did, she was antsy
Cause I struggled to see
what she wanted to say
So as she turned her back
I watched her heart turn to BLACK
Adding more WHITE, she turned GRAY
I was happy for a second
Until, BROWN came along
Falling from the top of my book line rain
She fell to the bottom
Where GREEN was sleeping
and they both got into a fight
And ran back to the top
Creating flowers
So, I plucked them and gave it to the others
But as I did
I saw that they combined to become my thoughts
And she sat there happy
ready to jump out of my book
and give me a kiss
And as I closed my eyes and puckered my lips
I heard a few drips!!!
So I opened my eyes
to see what it was
And noticed she was gone
Out of the lines
and out of the margins
and they seemed to drip
out of my thoughts
not allowing me to think
and the last to go was PINK
So, there I was with a blank page
looking up at the ORANGE sun
thinking of what to do next
then out of a distance
I saw her sitting there
the same way I saw her
in my thoughts
And she was perfectly painted
onto the canvas
With all the colors that escaped from my book.

4/10/18                                                    Sylvia Likens                                       Marcos Estrada
A beautiful angel of only 16
I wish i would have known the queen
that had a smile that could light up a room
You were the rose that began to bloom
but the florist came to clip you off the stem
not allowing you to become that gem
that would enjoy this thing called life
instead you lived through strife
I could never imagine all the pain
that you had to sustain
just an innocent soul
that played a horrific role
in a heinous crime
Had I been there in your time
i would have loved and protected
appreciated and respected
only taking your breath with a kiss
as we travel through the abyss
of a thing called love
because you were sent from above,
but it saddens my heart
that yours was torn apart
and every beat of it couldn’t be heard
Like the screams of your voice that were just slurred
to all the deaf ears, that just ignored
you tried to pierce them like a sword
but no one came to assist
as your demon would just persist
on dragging you through hell
in a dark basement that became your jail
with a smile that was stripped from your face
with your mind travelling to a different place
of when you were happy and free
I constantly think of the things you’d be
maybe an actress or doctor
Poet or author
but your life was selfishly taken
You laid in the darkness, battered and forsaken
with words carved onto your skin
and your life that got thin
spilling onto deaths door,
but open your wings sweet angel
and begin to soar…

               (4/5/2018)                                     Tattooed Heart                               Marcos Estrada

I stared deep into the orifice

Of my life

And my vision

Became the osmosis

Going into hyperbole

With everything changing around

Molecular mixtures

To create scenarios

Of things in the past

Combining protons

With neutrons

And mixing it into

My nucleus

Hoping to intertwine

With all the scientific mixtures

However, they end up taking

Parts of me

When I gave into oxygen

She stole the very rise

Of my lungs

As they awoke in the morning

Moreover, as my chest fell

It scraped its knees

Against the very thing, I held sacred

But she caused its

Encased walls to rupture

And build up with cholesterol

I thought she would flow

Down the streams

Of the rivers connecting

My legs to my arms

And helping my eyes

See the beauty

She displayed

But within me,

She became

Spontaneous combustion

Making me collapse

Into an unknown state

Of mind

Become an “illegal”

To its inhabitants

I tried every mixture in the book

And could never get it right

Every smile of a face

Connected with the ozone layer

Of my H2O encompassed soul.

The sound of her voice

Packed its bags

And travelled away from my

Inner ear

And the touch of her warm skin

Kept running from me

Allowing the cold air to attack

Entering my nose

And stomping it’s feet

And bringing me down

To my knees with a stampede

Of tears

Made of salt and pollen

Combining to create bees

That sting the life out of me

Which first

Got stuck in the birdcage

In my chest

And was made of ice

Flying and cracking

With the atmospheric pressure

And I died inside of the Earths crust

And tattooed my heart to my chest

And my chest to my heart

And everything froze…

A love letter to Ethnic Studies

Marcos Estrada (02/21/18)

Dear Ethnic Studies,

I still remember the first day we met
I sat in that class to learn about you,
where I came from and where my people have been
your class was filled with many faces
Of all the beautiful souls from many different places
Our bodies intertwined to climb our ethnic roots
Absorbing the stories of our ancestors
and the struggles they overcame in their boots
We sat there in amazement, at all the things we’ve heard
where, we learned that discrimination, racism, and hatred became actions and not just a word
Ethnic Studies, you are a majestic eagle, not just any bird
and we are your feathers
Connected and united as one
to help you become and fly through the masses
so continue to educate us with your classes
Educate the white, on what they’ve done wrong
and what they’ve done right
How their mentalities can change
and their spirits rearrange
Teach the African Americans, that no matter the pain
they’ve endured
their voices will still be heard
From being enslaved and treated as less
Help them understand, they can rise from the mess
Spoken with love from a Taino man,
To my Latino brothers and sisters,
Separated from each other by greed and evil men,
To the Asians, that were mistreated and left behind
I hope one day you’ll find
that they too are loved by you
We will ALL unite and become one,
ALL the people from those many places
Teach us to put a smile on our faces
because when you come, Ethnic Studies
you will gather us up
From wherever we came
And teach us that we are all the same
No matter the class, religion or race
We’ve all come to this place
Where, even though our blood was shed
And our tears have flooded the Earth
Teach us to truly know our worth
We’ve grown from concrete and the soil
To become the flowers that display
All the beauty after the turmoil
So Ethnic Studies, this is my love letter to you,
As I stand here in the original territories of the Wintun homeland
Ethnic Studies, I love and adore the way you reach us
So Ethnic Studies teach us!!
Come, and teach us!!

A flower from the concrete

At the Door

Marcos Estrada (11/13/17)

People just think they can look through
The peep hole
Of my soul
And my soul tries to look through these people
That created this peep hole in my soul
How do these people think they’ll find me
By looking through this peep hole
When everything is behind me looking
Through the peep hole at these people
I just try and cover the peep hole
With my finger
So these crazy people won’t look through
This peep hole covered by my finger
And they still do

Hiding away from this peep hole acting like
I can’t see them
But they’re not ghosts they’re people
Trying to come in
But peep hole gets lonely without people
Looking in
Cuz I just opened the door to these people
That kept looking through my peep hole
Hopefully next time they won’t see my soul
Through the peep hole
But just look for me as I look through the peep hole
At these people.

Dream girl just dream

she walks in, troubles of the world hidden
bending her lips, with her pain midden
so studious, wanting more than her old world
than the life that just progressively whorled
her frowns bent for a short time
feeling warmer in a cold clime
so focused to what is at hand
as everyone around her adds to her strand
shes so lonely and afraid
of becoming more than what was weighed
shes so lonely and afraid
of the person her father made
shes so lonely and afraid
of the reality of her success
shielded away from her own world
making the new one a beautiful fesse
shes so beautiful in her hand made dress
with eyes sparkling and hair in a tress
still studious as i glance at her from across the room
i think my smile just became her loom
the sad part about this story
is i never met this girl full of dreams
as she puts together her life from torn seams
Looney tunes                                                                                   Marcos Estrada (10/3/17)

when i was a young boy
i was always lost
i didnt know who or where i was
I would turn on the TV to find my way

One night when i was asleep

i woke up to the sound of Bugs bunny

“Whats up Doc?”

Crunch on a carrot

i would walk around
with my head down
then i saw tweety bird
flying over me

i was bored at home
and i didnt know what to do
then Taz came spinning by
and twirling and swirling

Elmer Fudd came by with his gun
and wanted to have some fun
he chased around Daffy duck
and i spoke with a lisp like Sylvester the cat

I always stuttered like Porky the pig
and mysterious like Marvin the Martian
i was as animated as yosemite Sam
and sometimes a chicken like Foghorn Leghorn

I ran as fast as Speedy Gonzales
and i was as dumb as Wile Coyote
i was clever like the Road Runner
and romantic as Pepe Le Pew

when i was lost
and didnt know who i was
the looney tunes helped me
find my way……

Gravity by Marcos Estrada 9/25/17
I want to love you

Like no one ever has

Make you feel

Something different

Like you’re special

And important

I want to give you

My shattered heart

So you can glue it together

When I fly I want to

Catch your gravitational pull

And never come down

Pulling me till and infinite universe

I want to look into your eyes

When you look as beautiful as

You can

And I want to imagine

How your eyes roll

Whenever you kiss my lips

I want to get lost in your gravity

The infinite universe

That is your love

And adoration

I want to feel you next to me

When I wake up in the

Middle of the night

From my aweful nightmares

I want to bite my lips and look at you

Whenever you’re around…….

The Alphabet by Marcos Estrada 3/1/17

Woodland Community College by Marcos Estrada 3/1/17
The Eagle soars above the palm trees
Down the long walkway
Its perch is in the center
Where many Eagles come to hang
From the trees and rest their wings
The Eagle’s busy day takes him
Along the path of greatness
He shoots above the stars
When he achieves his goals
The only place this happens
is WCC
The place where Eagles fly free
Free to spread its wings
and be all it can be
The buildings a perfect home
for the Eagles to roam
To complete their tasks
With every subject from Accounting to Math
The Eagles home is a perfect path
Another time the Eagle flies free
Is when it has graduated to infinity

The Last Butterfly By Marcos Estrada 3/8/17

I had a funny feeling
When you came into my life
And captured my soul
I couldn’t stand it
I blushed and lost my breath
Stutters filled the air
When I tried to talk
You gave me butterflies
When I saw you
Standing there
With the halo spinning on
Your head
You capsized me
And became my boat
On the dry ocean bed
Your love devoured
The orchid that grew in my life
I plundered deep into a hole
And couldn’t escape
I got lost in your touch
But when you left
Something changed
I reached deep into my soul
To release the butterflies
You gave me
And set them free
But one remained
It fluttered up my spine
And it’s wings became
My lungs
And it’s broken
Heart became mine
The last remaining butterfly
Died within me
And I became free….

The Phoenix by Marcos Estrada 4/12/17

I’ve risen from the ashes of a Phoenix
From the heat of the sun
I’ve returned like the prodigal son
I was lost and couldn’t find my way
Prayed everyday
And preyed
On my own flesh to the bone
I sit here alone
In my home
In my mind a stair for my thoughts
A stare through the knots
It knocks and knocks and knocks
On my heart
To get out of my mind
As I replay and rewind
The memories of us
Now I am stronger without you
I shine like the amethyst stone
Worship these words like it’s Jesus
I have risen from the ashes of a Phoenix
I’ll take this round and round
Like a helix
I spiral deeper
Than deeper can go
Deep into the darkest hole
I spiral
Like a viral
What did I witness?
I am strong than this
They call me Samson
Into flames
I am spontaneous
I come out bustin
Out of the chest
I never rest
So I never get weary
All I do is get teary
Of course I cried
So hard I tried
And every night I died
Hoped and dreamed
Martin Luther King
Had a reason to stand
I stand alone
And take life’s hand
The mind of a mad man
Caged up in his own cage
Head running back and forth
In these thoughts
These thoughts with butterflies
Fluttering the heart
Every time I am around
I walk down the street
With eyes closed to the darkness
Around because eyes are the windows
To the soul
My soul is a ship
That has set sail
With words as my ocean
Walking is my motion
A martyr to the tarter
Sauce i am a fish
Flopped on the deck of the ship
I look up at the deteriorating sky
It falls on top of me
It dawns on me
That I should have finished
A while ago
But I am a beanstalk
That failed to grow……

Tango by Marcos Estrada 4/19/17

when the stars fall to the ground
ill make you and i a better sound
as i beat on my conga drum
the strings of your heart are hard to strum
the keys of your soul
play a melody that only you know
lets sing the night away
hold hands while we stop and pray
asking God for a vision
that would make us undo our collision
the sweet lyrics in the pupils of your eyes
tell a story as you arise
from the ashes of a phoenix
your life is so rounded like a helix
your touch has healing
that crashes to the ceiling
i am a strange man
sitting in my rocking chair with the same pen
that i use to make things flow together
as we tango under the stormiest weather
as i try to unlock your secrets
and allow you to be my egypt
when i tattoo these words
they will play a tune in thirds
they will bring will power
and bloom like a cement flower
they will bring me might
and makes things that were left, into right
lets finish our dance
as we forget who we are with a little glance
now were back to reality
with minds changed to the same mentality

The rose with scars on her petals by Marcos Estrada 4/26/17

She was a seed in the soil
Well fed and nourished
Then she broke out of the ground
And began to bloom
But as she bloomed
Her stem was filled with thorns
That pierced her innocent heart
The rose tried as hard as she could
To wash them off
But they remained
Growing stronger and getting longer
The sharper they grew
The more dangerous she became to herself
She cut off the thorns
But everytime she would
She’d slice her delicate petals
Taking weeks for her to heal
And the thorns still growing
She suffocated
And with one quick inhale
She cut the thorns one more time
And they finally fell off
But as she looked
In her non reflective
Mirror she saw that
The petals around her had
Permanent scars

Dream girl just dream by Marcos Estrada 5/15/17

she walks in, troubles of the world hidden
bending her lips, with her pain midden
so studious, wanting more than her old world
than the life that just progressively whorled
her frowns bent for a short time
feeling warmer in a cold clime
so focused to what is at hand
as everyone around her adds to her strand
shes so lonely and afraid
of becoming more than what was weighed
shes so lonely and afraid
of the person her father made
shes so lonely and afraid
of the reality of her success
shielded away from her own world
making the new one a beautiful fesse
shes so beautiful in her hand made dress
with eyes sparkling and hair in a tress
still studious as i glance at her from across the room
i think my smile just became her loom
the sad part about this story
is i never met this girl full of dreams
as she puts together her life from torn seams

WiFi by Marcos Estrada 5/17/17

I get sick of the antics
Of my heart
Hoping that it would
Go soft for you
But it’s still hard
Made of stone
As I sit here alone
Trying to connect what we have
But what we don’t have is
What holds me back
See I don’t get it
I put in the codes
That you needed for your
Heart to start
I made sure the language
Was the same as mine
But I was wrong
So I opened my heart
Which is the computer of my body
With every website I browse
The struggles I’ve been through
And every virus infecting
Me is every right thing
That seems to go wrong
I’ve been at this website for too long
The one that keeps readingPoor connection
Poor connection
Poor connectionBut how?
When I feel the same
About you that I’ve always felt
That feeling you get when
You just want to be one
Connected through nothing
But a simple thing like wifi
But your connection is weak
And mine is too strong
And I’ve been at your website too long
The one that readsPoor connection
Poor connection
Poor connectionThis is weird
Because it says we are
Still connected
But I just realized
You’re the wrong source….


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